Balsamic vinegar

Basmati Vinegar

Sometimes we look for things to put on salads to make them more enjoyable.

If you are craving something for your salads then Basmati vinegar is a reasonable option - but test it like any other food, don't assume it will be neutral on your RA. 

If you are in the Basline phase, wait until you have at least 4 days of consecutive low pain, same drugs, same exercise before testing so it will be obvious if it shakes things up for you. 

Other ways to make the salads a little more enjoyable are to 

- buy a pre-washed mix that contains thin shredded carrot or beet strips. These little crunchy and slightly tasty strips help break up the salad texture and flavour.

- Fresh or dried herbs. Try basil, parsley, cilantro, scallions, chives, oregano or tarragon. When you find some you like you can apply liberally.

- If you have tested oranges or mandarins, and are ok with them, then one or two over the salad can be delicious

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