Herbal Teas and Paddison Program

It's always going to be safest to just stick to water during the early stages of the Paddison Program.

Ginger, Lemon and Rooibos teas are going to be just fine if you want a comfort drink.

As for the herbal teas, Dr Klaper spoke at Paddison Program live in Sydney, Australia in 2016. He said "The peppermint plant, the chamomile plant and their kin are not making those lovely oils with your cup of herbal tea in mind. Those are anti-bacterial oils made to kill bacteria before they invade the leaves and stems of the plant. I am not saying an occasional cup may not be soothing and have beneficial properties, but consumed in large amounts, they can be one more element in the daily assault on our healthy, stable, beneficial, multi-trillion organism population of gut microbes". So it's best to avoid for the time being.

Green Tea has a little caffeine in it, which isn't ideal, but it's going to be a small influence compared to all the other lifestyle changes.

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