Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga - Why You Must Do It

Let me tell you this. If you can walk, you can do Bikram yoga. 

I would not be postponing doing Bikram because of almost any reason. I can't think of any reason other than having some time off after rehabilitation from getting surgery on a hip or a knee or something. If you can get into class, you can do the class. In fact, you can lie down the entire class and just the benefit of lying down and being in the room that's hot and creating some sweat and listening to the teacher and sort of getting into the routine of doing it is going to help. And you do not need to put yourself in an uncomfortable, painful position at any time in the class over and above what it normally feels like to be in your body.

I used to argue with the instructors on a semi-regular basis. And they don't like when you don't do it the way that they say, however, I used to prefer to have an argument once a day and get the tremendous benefits from going than not go because I was wanting to avoid having a small, short argument.

My biggest, biggest suggestion is for you to go back to get started on that class right away. I think that it's a real opportunity and blessing for anyone who has a yoga studio nearby, a Bikram yoga studio nearby, and it's a real shame to not take advantage of it. And tell them your limitations right up front. Tell them that you can't do a lot of the postures and that you will not be bullied into doing the postures in class and that you will go at your own pace. And then after doing that for some time, you can decide when you want to try and push things a little bit. And there's no need to be embarrassed. In class, at times, I've been unable to get up off the floor. 

And I know that Andy, one of our forum members who's just about to come out on the latest podcast, you must listen to the next podcast with Andy that I'll release today. And he will describe in that podcast how it used to take two people to help him get down and get up off the floor, and yet his life has never seemed more optimistic now after going to Bikram for the last four or five months, as often as he can and sticking with the program. And so he is now seeing, finally, a future for himself. It's that powerful.

You shouldn't be doing downward dogs. We're only talking about Bikram yoga right now, where there's no downward dogs because the downward dogs loads your elbows and wrists and shoulders too much for people with rheumatoid.

And if there is a bikram near you, just go to that and just sit out as many postures as possible as you need to. And by doing that particular yoga, you will then be able to expand your dietary food base because the more of the Bikram you do, the easier it is to eat more diversity of foods because it is so pain-reducing that you can handle more foods. And it also helps the digestive system, the Bikram itself, and therefore enables you to naturally tolerate more foods.

No one gives a shit what you look like. No one gives a shit. All they care about is themselves. And, here's another very important thing, is that if they were to really dig deep inside them and actually pay attention to you for like 10 seconds, what they would think is, "That person is brave and that person is inspirational coming here. If they can do that, I can show up without complaint every day." Because people are genuine. Most people have a heart and a compassion side. And although you might think that they're paying attention, they're not. And you might think when they are looking at you for half a second that they think, "Oh, how embarrassing," they're not. They're thinking, "That person is determined to improve their health, and that's why I come to this class as well."

So get to class. Improve your body. Have less pain.

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