Miso is super nutritious and contains healthy bacteria. We want to eat this.

Don't cook with miso. Miso needs not to be kept below about 40 degrees Celsius, which is around about 100, 105 Fahrenheit. And so, what you do with miso preparation is you put it on your meals after you've made your meal, obviously a hot meal. Miso doesn't go too well when it's on a cold meal. It's a strong flavor. It's a paste. Buy it at Whole Foods in the US or health food stores worldwide. Make sure you're being discretionary with your choice of miso because some of them are pasteurized, which means they've actually deliberately been heated to high temperatures so that they'll sit on the shelf for longer. But that goes at odds with everything that we're actually buying it for, okay? So make sure you get a non pasteurised one.

The tastes across brands and styles of miso vary enormously. There is no excuse for not finding one that you like because there are many options available in most western countries. In Australia we buy Spiral Miso, which is fermented for over 12 months, and offers lots of great flavours. 

With long fermentation times, miso can also often be enjoyed for people with existing soy intolerance. This is because the soy proteins have all been broken down into their amino acids. So it's like someone else has digested this food for you and then given it to you already pre-digested by bacteria. Which is good, because yours in your gut may be missing, and you can do with the help.

Get into it!


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