Seaweed - Types and where to find it

Seaweed is just leafy greens (my favourite RA food) that are found under the sea.

They contain an enormous amount of minerals and vitamins just like their terrestrial counterpart. Even more so, in some instances.

So we should be eating this stuff! It helps counter mineral deficiencies (present in many folks with RA) and alkalise the non-blood fluids in our bodies.

In most countries you'll find seaweed from independent suppliers, small health food stores. So look for small health food stores nearby. Ask them. Tell them, "I want to get some good quality dulse." That's what you want to get into your hands. In my opinion, the Dulse is the best flavour of the seaweeds, and blends best when put into mains or salads. You can buy it in leafs. It's soft. And then you can also buy it highly chopped up. And then it's like sprinkling salt over your meal. But I have had debates about this with my wife for years because I can't understand why - but the chopped up version is not as nice as the whole version within the same brand, same manufacturer. I think what happens is that it oxidizes when it all gets chopped up, and rather than it being in its natural state, as soon as you increase the cross-sectional area by chop-chop-chop, I just think that that has a detrimental effect. And it's subtle, but when you eat it a lot like I've eaten it a lot over the years, I can tell straight away it's like having a palette for the stuff.

Another type that is very, very good is wakame. Great as a little snack, the way you might have previously eaten crisps.

And, this sounds ultra simple, but you can just go into a lot of conventional grocery stores now and buy yourself sheets of nori. And nori is what they use to wrap up the rice in sushi rolls. And it's pre-prepared flats, ready to go, and you just pull it out of the bag as a big square. And what you can do, just use your hands, fold it up, and then just tear it into strips and little squares. Doesn't have to be neat. Tear the thing up from its nori square and drop it into your meal. And it tastes pretty good. It's not as good as the dulse, but it tastes pretty good. 



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