Baseline - Should I Stay On It?

Baseline Paddison Program - Should I Stay On It?

If you are on baseline, you may stay on it if you are:

1. Making progress and happy
2. Not worried about your weight levels dropping a bit more, or if they are naturally stable
3. Satisfied for now with the simple foods and their tastes and textures
4. Are including some seaweed, lots of greens and emphasising lots of the pseudo grains (i.e. getting great nutrient diversity and meeting nutrient requirements)
5. Are feeling motivated
6. Have sufficient energy (calorie) intake so that you can do your daily 30min + of solid exercise

THEN - you can continue with baseline further, which is likely to pay off long term because this extended period of low pain is good healing and ensure you are taking a B12 supplement.

The next food to try should be miso paste.

Check out this video on the nutritional completeness of basline -


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